Immunization Schedules

Childhood Schedule (birth to 6 years old)

Adolescent Schedule (7 to 18 years old)

Indiana Department of Health: School Immunization Requirements



When a child enters Switzerland County Schools for the first time or any subsequent time at any level, his/her parents or guardians must show that the child has been immunized by filing a physicians statement that includes a schedule of the immunizations, or file a parental objection to immunization based on religious grounds. No child shall be permitted to attend school beyond the first date of his/her enrollment without furnishing a written statement of immunization unless:

1. The school gives the parent/guardian a waiver not to exceed twenty (20) days.

2. The local health department or a physician determines the student's immunization schedule has been delayed due to extreme circumstances and the required immunizations will not be completed before the students first day of school. In this case the parent/ guardian shall furnish a written statement and a time schedule approved by a physician or the local health department for the completion of the immunizations.