Public Record Requests

Switzerland County School Corporation follows procedures contained in the Handbook on Indiana's Public Access Laws

Record Request Guidelines

  • Requestors should be specific in describing the records requested.
  • Requests for justifications of actions are not proper requests under the law.
  • Requests must include the requestor's full name, phone number, and the mailing address where the requested documents will be sent.

How to Submit a Request for Public Records

  1. Write your request in a letter, an email, or a memo.All requests must be in writing.
    Include the following information:
    • Your full name
    • Your phone number
    • The mailing address where the school will send the requested documents.
    • A specific description of the records requested.
  2. Deliver your request to:
  3. The preferred method of submission is via email to ; however, the request may be submitted via any of the following:

    By Email:

    By U.S. Mail:
    Switzerland County School Corporation
    1040 W. Main Street Vevay, IN 47043

    By Fax: (812)427-2044

    In Person:
    Switzerland County School Corporation
    Central Administration Building
    1040 W. Main Street Vevay, IN 47043


What to Expect

  • Upon receipt of written or electronic Inspection of Public Records request, the school will respond in writing within three calendar days to acknowledge receipt of that request.
  • After determining if the requested records exist, and are subject to inspection, copies of the records will be made available for review
  • Arrangements can be made to have the requests mailed if necessary.
  • The district charges 50 cents per page for copies of records. We can invoice you when you receive the copies.


Some Public Records may be accessed through the District website without the necessity of a Public Records Request. The following frequently requested records are available online:

(Under Construction)

        1. District Policies and Regulations

        2. School Board Meeting Notices, Agendas, Minutes (2001-current)

        3. District Budget 2012, Reports and Documents

       4. Collective Bargaining Agreements

       5. Enrollment Statistics, Demographics

        6. Public access to all District Contracts, Bids/RFPs and information on doing business with the District   

For all other Public Records requests, please complete the Public Records Request Form.pdf



Indiana Access to Public Records Act

Handbook on Indiana's Public Access Laws