Mr. Goewert- Principal
High School Principal:
Gregg Goewert

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Success is the Only Option

As you enter Switzerland County High School, it is evident that students and their accomplishments are our top priority.  We strive to make our learning environment inviting, well-maintained, and, most of all, safe.  Cutting edge technology is being used and students are deeply engaged in project based learning, stem model programs and case models at Switzerland County High School.  Math, Reading and Writing are a top priority and can be observed in every classroom on a daily basis.

Students have the opportunity to experience a wide spectrum of instructional strategies and non academic experiences that deepen their understanding both academically and socially.  The school climate cultivates respect as students feel they can express original ideas without fear of humiliation or fanfare.  Teachers and staff are compassionate, committed to excellence, consistent, and dedicated in making Switzerland County High School the best in the State of Indiana.

Students know that when they walk through the doors of Switzerland County High School success will be the ONLY option from now on.  This will be evident by observing the high levels of engagement day after day.  Students will be expected to join PACER pride and take responsibility for their learning, appearance, participate in curricular and extra-curricular activities and maintain the school facilities.  There is a sense of family and community pride between student and student, and student and staff.  Communication is open and students know that there are school-wide supports in place for them.  This relationship is able to exist because all adults at Switzerland County High School are strong role models and leaders.  Students need to understand that an education is needed not just at school but in life.

Students must take responsibility for their learning.  Students possess and exhibit good behaviors and hold each other accountable for their actions.  When mistakes are made, they admit them, take the consequence, and move on.

Mentoring takes place at all levels:  staff to staff, staff to student, and high school student to middle school student, high school student to elementary student and peer to peer.  These relationships carry on long after student’s complete school.

Students need to come to school prepared to learn everyday.  For some students, school is the safest, most secure, and consistent place they encounter in their lives.  No student should be without someone to connect with.  Success is the only option; therefore, staff will assist those students who struggle with this core belief until the student takes ownership for their behaviors.

Finally, each student’s long-term goal is to leave Switzerland County High School college or career ready and ultimately to become a productive member of society and hopefully, in the Pacer community.

Everyone at Switzerland County high school takes pride in molding your children.  You can see collaboration going on daily.  Staff members meet regularly, by departments, to discuss ways to ensure success as it is the only option at Switzerland County High School.

The entire Pacer community believes that Switzerland County High School will try everything within our power to provide a safe place for our students while teaching them 21st Century skills.  Parents, we want you to be fully supportive of academics, discipline, and the overall climate.  We need you, the parent, to take an active role in your student’s education.  Parents need to understand that we need your assistance in providing basic needs at home so students can come prepared and ready to learn.

The entire Switzerland County High School administration team pledges to support the aforementioned and act as servant leaders.  We will be responsible, always putting students first.  When making decisions we will keep the core values of Switzerland County High School and the School Corporation in the forefront.  We will constantly try to remove any barriers to learning for teachers and students.

At Switzerland County High School we know academics prepares students for college and/or careers, strict discipline prepares them for the rigor of the real world, and staff and students’ connections prepare all of us to learn to think and solve problems collaboratively.  It’s Great to Be a Pacer!