We're the orange and blue trimmed in white
The big team who knows how to fight, fight, fight
Our Pacers are grand
They're the best in the land
So let's hear it for Swiss County High.

Our spirit is high as the sky
If you like us then we'll tell you why
Our team is the best
They're gonna beat all the rest
So let's hear it for Swiss County High.

Go, go, go, go, go - Fight, fight, fight, fight, fight
Win, win, win, win, win - S - C - H

We're gonna make this game a victory tonight
We're gonna win because we know how to fight
So let us fight on Pacers
Victory for Pacers
Come on you Pacers fight.

We're gonna back our boys in orange and blue
Our loyalty is high our spirit is true
So let us sing a song of Victory
For the Pacers of Swiss County High.